This illustration was, for me, a really fun exploration of texture. I enjoyed building up the grubbiness of all the surfaces in the alleyway. I also really like subject matter that is both whimsical and dark, and I think you'll find both elements at play here. If you look very closely you'll notice a pair of evil, monstrous eyes staring out from the window, but never fear! What appears to be an ordinary alleycat is in fact a benevolent guardian angel, here to keep the little runaway safe.
Some preliminary sketches.
I used this little rabbit figurine to test how the shadow would cast on the wall behind under similar lighting conditions.

detail of The Runaway, highlighting the alleycat and the window behind with the monstrous eyes peeping out. This detail was meant to be subtle and to create a feeling of unease that you couldn't explain, though I think if I were to do this illustration again I would brighten them up ever so slightly. 

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